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Hills Prescription Diet RD Adult Cat Food

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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Hills Prescription Diet RD Adult Cat Food is for the nutritional management of obese or overweight cats.

Being overweight can cause your cat discomfort, reduce energy levels and even shorten its life. Just as in people, weight gain is usually associated with excessive intake of calories and fat in combination with a lack of exercise.

Obesity can lead to such serious conditions as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and others.

Hills R/D diet was designed specifically for the management of weight problems in cats with an aim to reduce body mass.

Chicken flavoured.

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Kirstie Youngson

5 Cat loves this and is losing weight. Would recomend

Michael Elliott

Dietary food is often not a favoutite but the Hills Weight Loss r/d goes down a treat

Judith Taylor cat is a rescue cat too & has begun to get a little heavy (!!) This is an excellent product that really works & seems to be tasty. I always buy all my dog/cat food from VetUK as its so much cheaper than anywhere else & the delivery is ultra fast!

Adrian Howlett

Isn't that interesting that two of the comments are about obese rescued cats. I would like to add that my cat is a rescued cat too! He must have been so starving in the wild and then spent another 7 months in a hutch in the animal shelter. When I collected him he just wanted to eat and had no mechanism to know when to stop. I have another rescued cat who wasn't so long in the shelter. She is as thin as a whippet and only eats what she needs.

Lorna Dodd

Recommended by my vet for our two rescue cats who can only be bribed by food and were in danger of becoming rather podgy. He still reckons they are too plump, but I think they're just the right size! But they love r/d and it's certainly keeping them trim(ish).

Lindsey Cliff

Brilliant product, recommended to me by the vet. My overweight cat enjoyed eating it just as much as he enjoys the Hills Science Plan dry food. Within a few weeks the excess weight had dropped off him and he was back to his sleek, streamlined self with lots of energy!