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Burgess Supa Dwarf Hamster Harvest 700g

Burgess Supa Dwarf Hamster Harvest 700g

Manufacturer: Burgess Pet Care


Burgess Supa Dwarf Hamster Harvest is the NEW Burgess a Supahamsterific luxury meal created especially for your pet Dwarf hamsters. They're omnivores, so as well as cereals, vegetables and nuts they need meat too – in the wild, they eat grubs and insects.

That's why Supahamster Dwarf Hamster Harvest is a complete food, which combines the finest quality natural ingredients of whole dried mealworms, seeds, hearty grains, delicate wheat flakes and wholesome peas, with the optimum balance of nutrients.

Also, to suit a Dwarf hamster's smaller mouth it has small ingredients they'll love to crunch.

Bag Size: 700g

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Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Mary Holloway

My dwarf Hamsters truly adore this food,and they all are thriving on it.

Judith Brown

The only food my two, very old, dwarf hamsters will/can eat! Small pieces with lots of variety!

Jessica Philpott

I give this to my Russian Dwarf hamsters, alongside another food. They LOVE it and it is specifically tailored for the needs of dwarf species so I know it's good for them. Excellent stuff.