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Fiprospot For Cats

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Manufacturer: Ceva

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3 x 0.5ml Pipettes

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Fiprospot Spot On for Cats is a flea treatment which has been specially formulated to work against flea infestations.

Fiprospot Spot On for cats has efficiency against new infestations for up to 4 weeks.

This solution is an easy to use treatment and can also be used as part of a treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis in cats.

Apply the dose to an area where your cat cannot reach and lick off. Please ensure treated animals do not groom each other until the treatment is dry.

Fiprospot Spot on can be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age and weighing more than 1Kg.

Apply every 4 weeks.

Available in 3 x 0.5ml pipettes and 6 x 0.5ml pipettes.

Reviews Overall rating: (3.8 of 5)

Claire Jenkins

Used this product for the first time after always using Frontline. Frontline had stopped having the desired affect. Bought a 3 month set to give it a good time span to work over. It hardly had any affect. I used the product once a month on each of my cats (I have 2). It left chemical burns on one of them and I found that the problem wasn't anywhere near being solved. Very disappointed. Trying Advantage next.

Andrea Mooney

We have used this and it was very effective. Slightly more expensive than VetUK one though, which works just as well.

Adrian Stead

Bought this instead of the usual Frontline as it is supposed to be exactly the same product but a little cheaper. Well, it's not. My cat has almost scratched himself to death! Very disappointed with this product and will promptly be binning the remaining medication and going back to Frontline.

Mary Boon

Easy to use and quickly dispatched. I will be reordering this, for routine flea treatment soon.

Matt Meir

Have been using this product for over a year now and it has worked perfectly every time. Never had any problems. Would recommend.

Justine Allen

I reviewed this product previously having thought I had found a good alternative to Frontline. Unfortunately Fiprospot went on to cause chemical burns to my cat, as with frontline. My search for a safe and effective alternative continues.

Ann Peskett

Be warned: if you get flea infestations AFTER using any product with 'Fipro' in the title... Last year I used this product - previously always worked well. However, when I used it in 2012, shortly after we had a total infestation of fleas in the house! According to our vet, in my area, fleas are now immune to fipronil and I had to use a stronger product.Sure enough, that was the case and, after a lot of effort, we ridded the cats and house of fleas.

Rosy Dillon

I have had flea infestation in the past when using advantage regularly (but prob not 100% often enough) Fiprospot has the same main ingredient as Frontline & I have found it extremely effective and reliable to use. Highly recommended.

Donna Spiller

Decided to try this as it's much cheaper that my usual brand Frontline and meant to be exactly the same, I bought the 6 pack as I have 3 cats, the cats started to scratch almost as soon as the stuff was applied, within a week my cats had fleas on them I continued to use the product as I assumed the cats had bought the fleas in from the garden and they would die after being on the cat (which is what usually happens) however the upstairs of my house (where they tend to sleep) has now got a serious flea infestation! something i've never had before, and my Norweigan Forest Cat has had a severe allergic reaction to being bitten, has lost a lot of fur and has had to have a steroid injection at the vets, I have also bought frontline again and had my whole house sprayed with insecticide, a very expensive way to try and save money!the product is rubbish on dogs too (see other review)

Yvette Vincent

I was very disappointed with this product. After applying it, all 3 of my cats started to scratch, which they have never done before with other products. Also I have a long haired cat that gets ticks. When I applied a different brand he never got them, but after applying Fiprospot I kept finding ticks on him. (They were dead but still attached.)I wont be buying this product in the future.