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Verm X Herbal for Cats

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Manufacturer: Verm-X

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Verm-X treats for cats are a crunchy meat based treat with the added Verm-X for Cats formula. The palatable floret treats are fed on a daily basis throughout the year, providing effective parasite control for your Cat.

The treats also contain 100% natural catnip which helps stimulate cats and kittens to play and exercise, also making them ideal for older cats and those prone to weight gain with the treat being gentle on the digestive system.

The Verm-X formulation will help expel internal parasites, however the garlic ingredient will also render your cat less attractive to fleas, ticks, lice and other pests (we do not recommend you use Verm-X treats as a substitute for your flea treatment).

Benefits of Verm-X for Cats: Verm-X cat treats can be used for reward, placed in meals or activity play balls for extra fun! They are ideal for per owners that wish to explore a natural way of repelling parasites. They are gentle on the digestive system making it ideal for senior cats and kittens

Verm-X is extremely palatable and has no known resistance

Available in 120g, 480g & 1Kg packs.

Please note, the packaging you receive may vary from that illustrated due to a transition between old and new packaging.


Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Miss L E Spurr

My little black feral cat Midnight loves these crunchies - I break up one on a morning and another one on a night for her (she sits and waits for me to give her them now!) It seems very strange for a cat to actually enjoy a worming product but these go down very well indeed! They might seem a bit expensive for treats but the 120g pack lasts a couple of months (for one adult cat) and if they keep the worms away it's worth it since there's no fears re successful administration, side effects etc which you can sometimes get with regular wormers. I've seen no evidence of any worm infestation since I've started using them, but maybe it's early days yet (will report back after more months of use!)I'll definitely be buying more of these though and they're a really good price on here. All in all I'm very happy with these and think they're a great idea!