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Dog Pyramid from Company of Animals

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Manufacturer: Company of Animals

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The Dog Pyramid from Company of Animals is perfect as part of your dog's daily exercise routine and will keep him occupied and stimulated for hours!

Simply place the treats or dry kibble into the centre of the toy and watch as he enjoys the challenge.

The pyramid is weighted at the bottom to ensure it always self-rights to a vertical position, no matter how enthusiastic the game.

Ideal use with Coachies Training Treats

As with all interactive toys, it is important to supervise play.

Please Note: Colour cannot be guaranteed. Requested colour will be sent if available.

Reviews Overall rating: (4 of 5)

Stephanie Townsend

This toy provides hours of challenging fun for my dog that she come back to over the period of the day. The only draw back is that it is quite noisy when moving around on a wooden floor.