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Busy Buddy Bristle Bone

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Manufacturer: Petsafe

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Busy Buddy Bristle Bone is an excellent way to stop dog's wolf down treats.

The irresistibly tasty gnawhide treat rings ensure long lasting enjoyment and are easy to replace. Simply unscrew to load new treats and to clean the Bristle Bone.

The design of the Busy Buddy Bristle Bone makes it impossible for dogs to gorge on treats. The durable bristles and rubber nubs provide a unique chewing experience while helping to keep your pets teeth clean.

Refill Guide:

Bristle Bone Gnawhide Rings
X Small Small (Size A)
Small & Medium Medium (Size B)
Large Large (Size C)

1 pack contains 2 gnawhide treat.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.2 of 5)

Megan Vickers

My dog did manage to get the bone apart and then chewed the bristle part on its own which cut up her gums quite badly. I ended up throwing this part away and it's much better without it. My dog isn't particularly fussed by the rawhide disks either unfortunately but it's a great idea for those who are!

Helen Serpini

Excellent item for smaller dogs, not sure about those with more powerful jaws? I unscrewed & removed one of the edible ring sections, still kept them amused for ages. nightmare packaging, but that's a manufacturing fault!

Julie Davenport

My dog loved this bone but she is a heavy chewer and it dis-intergrated. We found the bristles all over the floor these could do some arm if they had stuck in her foot or she had swallowed them. The bone dose come apart so this part could be removed altogether

Sarah Morris

This is a really great way to keep a dogs teeth clean. Most edible chews just last about 20 seconds in my house, this just keeps going and going. Big smiles all round!

Della Santos

What an amazing toy! Keeps my Whippet engaged for ages. Real bonus that the bristles help keep her teeth lovely, clean and white. They last for ages.

Jacky Roberts

This is one of the best products I've ever had for my dogs!!! It kept all 5 of them quiet for hours with the added bonus that it helped knock out a loose tooth of one dog that was due in the vets the next week to have it removed!! Saved me a fortune and the dog the distress of a vet visit! Excellent quaility that has withstood lots of chews from a JRT, 2 staffies, a whippet and a Standard Poodle!!!