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Kong Xtreme Black

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Manufacturer: Kong

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Kong Extreme Black is one of the worlds strongest rubber dog toys.

Used worldwide by the military, police and zoos.

Kong Xtreme is extra tough, available only in larger sizes and suitable for serious power chewers. Recommended for supervised use only.

It has the same hollow centre and can be used as a bouncy toy or filled with treats and food to keep your dog entertained.

Available in medium, large, extra large or giant (king/royal) size: please use the drop down box below to select the size you require.

Small: Length - 7cm

Medium: Length - 9cm

Large: Length - 11cm

Extra Large: Length - 13cm

King: Length - 15cm

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Rebecca Howe

These kongs are great to stuff with food to keep your dogs occupied. My lab puppy managed to chew the red kongs up but these xtreme kongs are much stronger. He hasn't managed to chew these ones up and hasn't even left many teeth marks in them, so well worth the money!

Jessica Philpott

If I could only have one toy for my dog, it'd be this one. Tough, long lasting and versatile, it's the best dog toy in existence.

Alison Sola

This is the only toy our lurcher hasn't managed to destroy! She loves it to bits, both empty and with treats and enjoys chucking it around as she never knows which way it's going to bounce.

Terese Hulse

We have Stafford's and they love these. Not indestructible and unlike the previous post they will make a definite impression immediately, usually the first tier disappearing on the first chew, but they do last a few months, though they are only given when we are there. Well worth the money for the pleasure the dogs get in my opinion.

Rachel Carver

The best Kong of them all,made of really tough rubber which my 8 month old Labrador hasn't managed to make any teeth marks in plus it takes longer for them to de-stuff with it being less flexible. Add to that the fab price at Vet UK and this is just a great product!