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Kong Toy Original Red

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Manufacturer: Kong

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Kong Toy Original Red is the original Kong Toy, recommended by vets and animal behaviourists worldwide.

Made from natural rubber which is remarkably elastic and withstands tough chews.

The unique shape of the Kong toy produces an entertaining irregular bounce to satisfy hunting instincts as it chases the toy.

Kong toy can also be stuffed with tasty treats, Kong stuff 'n paste or you own recipe. Kongs can be filled and then frozen to give your dog a cooling treat.

Red Kong toy is available in small animal (sized small but softer rubber) small, medium, large, extra large and royal: please use the drop down box below to select the size you require.

Small (and Small Animal): Length - 7cm
Medium: Length - 9cm
Large: Length - 11cm
Extra Large: Length - 13cm
King: Length - 15cm

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Emma Thompson

I have lost count of the toys I have bought for my boxers over the years but the Kong toys are the only ones they are not able to destroy. They are the toys they go back looking for time after time. They never seem to get bored of them. Excellent for chasing as they bounce around everywhere, and great for stuffing for hours of amusement, although my two are happy to chew them for hours with nothing in them!

Natalie Saldias

Every dog owner should have at least one of these I have the small one for my Yorkie and she loves it, keeps her busy for ages. I stuff mine with dry biscuits and then a soft treat at the top to keep the biscuits in and this does the trick. fantastic!