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Company Of Animals Green Interactive Feeder for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Company of Animals

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Company Of Animals Green Interactive Feeder for Dogs offers mental stimulation, taking what can be a mundane meal time and turning it into a fun and mentally challenging game.

Simply scatter the desired amount of food onto the green, challenging your dog to sniff and push their reward from between the blades of grass.

A lack of mental stimulation can lead to boredom which can then provoke unwanted behaviours such as chewing and barking.

This fun toy engages your dog and prolongs the time it takes to eat, which is proven to significantly reduce the risk of 'bloat', a potentially fatal disease for dogs.

The single size of this toy is suitable for all sizes of dogs, regardless of weight and breed.

Made from robust plastic (free from phthalates), The Green Interactive Feeder is suitable for use both indoors and out.

Completely dishwasher safe. 

Reviews Overall rating: (3.7 of 5)

Paula Bates

Best thing I have ever brought, feeding time has increased giving time for his brain to register that he is full and allows me to finish my food before he comes looking for some of my dinner!

Fran Griffin

I bought this for my two border terriers who eat very fast given the chance. I leave it down when I go out and they love it. The only thing is that one of them worked out that you just lift it up and drop it so that the food bounces out. Still gets him thinking though and varies food time.

Catherine Ormsby-wall

Got these for my very small Min Pin and Chihuahua [2kg sized dogs]. Apparently one size fits all, so I figured they were worth a try. My Min Pin can get her biscuits quite easily due to her small head fitting between the blades and having a long nose - fail. My Chi, on the other hand with her short nose and rounder head has to work harder to get the food [despite her very long tongue], which would be great if I wasn't concerned about the way she tries to jam her head between the blades, squishing or knocking her eyes in the process. Long term, I don't think the banging of her eyes against the blades is a good thing - fail. All in all I think one size does not fit all dogs, I'm slightly disappointed. Probably better for dogs larger than miniature size.