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Cimicat Cat Milk Substitute 350g

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Manufacturer: PetLife



Cimicat Cat Milk is a scientifically prepared milk substitute for cats of all ages helping to give cats and kittens a smooth, sleek fur and promotes good health.

The ideal mothers milk substitute, Cimicat nourishes cats and ensures proper rearing of orphan kittens or those in large litters and also provides the pregnant and lactating queen with the essential substances for nutrition and growth.

Cimicat contains easily digested proteins for growth, a source of energy from fat and carbohydrates, together with a combination of minerals, trace elements and vitamins for peak condition and health. Unlike cows milk Cimicat has a reduced lactose level to mimic cats milk.


Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Diana Wartnaby

excellent product used for the orphaned kittens in the cattery, lactating queens and also used for adult cats with poor appetite and lack of nutrient intake to encourage them to ingest more food. this cat milk has never been refused by any cats in my care. this product is highly palatable and appetising with a very sweet, creamy and strong aroma. highly recommended for kittens and cats of all ages!