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VetUK Skin Supplement for Cats and Dogs 45 Capsules

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Manufacturer: VetUK


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VetUK Skin Supplement for Cats and Dogs is a complementary veterinary supplement developed to help your pet maintain healthy skin and a glossy coat.

High in Omega 3 fish oil and essential fatty acids (DHA and EPA), VetUK Skin Supplement is ideal for dogs suffering from itchy, dry and flaking skin, long haired breeds which experience excessive moulting and pets with poor coat conditions.

Each capsule should be given whole by mouth or pierced and the contents squeezed onto or into your pet's usual food.

Animal/SizeWeight (kg)Caps Per Day
Cat <10 1 every alternate day
Small Dog 10 1
Medium Dog 10-25 2
Large Dog 25-50 3
Extra Large Dog >50 4

Omega 3 (TG) fish oil, Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract, Fish Gelatin, Glycerin - of vegetable origin.

Typical Analysis:
Lipids 75.5%, Protein 15.8%, Carbohydrate 8.7%

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Debbie Rowe

I have used several different products in the past on my Beagle who suffers from bad skin but nothing seems to have worked. One of our friends recommended that we try VetUK as they have a Skin supplement which isn't that expensive. We have noticed such a difference already! I can't wait to tell more people about this great product and see what else your website has to offer. Thank you so much!

Sarah Robinson

I have a 5 year old Westie who has suffered for a number of years with sensitive skin. I have tried a number of supplements over the years which have helped a little, so I thought I would give this one a try as it is new. I have noticed an improvement already and it has only been a couple of weeks, I will definitely be ordering more !

Mr. Hill

Fuzzy, our appropriately named Maine Coon cat, started to shed excessively a few months ago and it got to the point where it was starting to look like we had named ironically! Took him to the vets and they recommended a supplement rich in Omega oils. I shopped around (there are a lot of options to consider) and finally settled on this one. A nice price containing all the good stuff Fuzzy needed! a month later he was well on his way to being back to his old self. Does VetUK offer a hairball treatment as well?! Thanks VetUK!