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Bag Em Scented Biodegradable 50 Dog Poop Bags

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Manufacturer: J.A.K. Marketing



Bag’Em Scented Biodegradeable Dog Poop Bags are a safe and hygienic way of picking up dog waste.

An environmentally friendly and economic solution, the bags have been made out of bio-degradable materials and have been fragranced with a floral scent to reduce the smell of your dog’s waste.

Bag’Em Poop Bags feature vest style handles for easy tying.

Sold in bags of 50.

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Gaile Brooks

Have been using this brand for years,ideal with large and small dogs!

Jan Tyrie

Best poo bags by far even better than Aldi, when you can get them!. I have a Labrador puppy, who seems to poo every minute, so these are very good for the money, strong and scented perfectly. Well done

Irene Harrington

I find these bags very good - large enough to do the task without danger of splitting, but small enough to fit in the pockets of jeans.

Jenny Callaghan

Best value and best quality poo bags around. Strong enough and big enough for the purpose and don't smell overpowering.

Phil Halstead

The only poop bags that I'll buy. Cheaper than other biodegradable bags, and better quality than many others too. Never had one split.

Donna Marsh

The same quality as the biodegradable ones from Pets at Home but theirs are more than double the price for the same amount! The scent is not overpowering and I haven't had a a single one split on me, which is great. I have two large greyhounds to clear up after so I'm very happy. The cheapest and best biodegradable bags I've found and even if I only buy a few packs of these at a time and pay p&p I still save money!!!

Vivian Chan

very good quality for its price. Actually smells alright unlike some other scented products which smell worse than what you pick up after your dog.

Michelle Holloway

Having two retired Greyhounds, I get through quite a lot of poop bags and always hated the idea of all that plastic just going to landfill. I tried these bags initially just because they were biodegradable. I've also found that they're much, much stronger than bags I've bought in local shops or supermarkets and hugely cheaper. I now buy plenty at a time so I don't run out and have to rely on expensive, flimsy bags.

Barbara Stephenson

I am a dog walker and discovered these brilliant bags last year and order in bulk. I walk up to 6 or 7,mostly Labradors,a day. The quality of bags at Pets at Home has worsened over the years and they are now so thin you can put your hands through them. Bag em bags are the best...large,thick and with handles. Cannot be beaten!

Linda Heppinstall C/o Cotson Reddish & Partners

Have used these for a long time and find they are one of the best available. Large size and very strong. Definitely worth the money.