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PetUK Waterproof Travel Bowl for Dogs

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Manufacturer: PetUK



PetUK Waterproof Travel Bowl is a fantastic item to have when travelling with your dog.

The PetUK Travel Bowl can be used as a food or a water bowl as it is made from a waterproof, durable and sturdy material.

When not in use the PetUK Travel bowl can be folded away, making minimal space when traveling or camping.

Size: 8.5cm x 15cm

Reviews Overall rating: (4.3 of 5)

Debbie Mciver

This product is excellent value for money. In the past I have ordered other branded travel bowls for my dogs which are the same size and fold away - just as this bowl does, but spending pounds more than what the VetUK product retails at. The bowl is very sturdy, can hold about a litre of water quite easily and has a handy clip if you want to attach it to a lead or strap on a bag. If there are any negatives, I have to agree with Clare that the bowls do smell rather strongly when first received and I had to wash and leave mine out in the fresh air for over a week before I felt it ready for use. Also, it comes in a green camouflage colour which is OK, but blends into the ground when you're out walking around the fields, but I guess that's what camouflage is all about! It would be great to have a choice of colours, but ultimately, for it's price alone, all the negatives are wiped out because it is a very well made, superior product. I initially brought a couple just out of curiosity, now I'm back to order more for myself and my friends who are also impressed. I haven't found anything else on the market yet that can match the quality of this product and its extremely low price. Well done VetUK!

Nigel Holmes

Really nifty product, very useful and a great price. I do alot of walking and often take my dog, this has really come in handy.

Claire Taylor

Great value travel bowl! Positives - it is a good size (I have a medium sized dog), it does the job for which it is intended, lightweight and easy to carry around. Negatives - it had a very strong smell when I first received and I had to soak & air it for a good while. Also I would have liked a more feminine colour version. However, for under £2 it is a good purchase.