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Organic Catnip 20g Sack

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Manufacturer: Catac



Catac Organic Catnip 20g Sack: stuffed with nothing but certified organic catnip leaves and flowers - cats love them.

Each 20g sack is made from strong cotton for a good useful life.

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Chrissie Horsley

Definitely 5* product! My 15 year old cat - Saphie says: 'This is the best toy ever! Mum has bought me loads of toys over the years, but this is my favourite! The lovely smell sends me to heaven and lasts such a long time! I know when mum has got me some more, cos I can smell it on the parcel! She's getting me some more sacks for Xmas! Mieow! Purrrrrrrrr!' She says it all! She's in her bed with two old sacks now! I highly recommend on her behalf!

Stephen Griffiths

There's Catnip toys and then there's Catac Catnip Bags. Our Maine Coon goes mad for this stuff. It's a good job the bags are strong otherwise there would be Catnip all over the floor, what with all the chewing, licking and paw pummeling these bags get. Definitely the best Catnip on the market. If Catac Catnip did for humans what is does for cats, it would be made illegal! Much too much fun!

Jacqueline Richards

This is the best Cat nip toy I have ever bought and I've been buying it for years. All the cats I have given it to go potty for it, in the end once it's manky looking I have to replace it. It's the only Cat nip that really does what it says!

Steve Trainer

Great little toy my cat loves it. Will def buy more.

Nicola Ashton

As other reviewers have said this really is the best catnip product out there!!! My cats play with them everyday and they soon turn green and manky so I have to regularly stock up as they couldn't be without them. :)

Madeline Siredzuk

The best catnip product ever. Buy in bulk in case they become unavailable. After a few plays the pouches turn from lovely clean white, to darker and darker shades of green. However disgusting the pouches look the cats still love them. I have one pouch that I threw out into the garden as I thought it had come to the end of it's life. I often find both mine and the neighbours cat rolling on it. It just dries out after the rain.

Tracy Thompson

My cat's only had this for a few days and it's already manky due to her sniffing it, licking it and rolling all over it. She absolutely loves it.

Lesley Mclaren

Outstanding Catnip! The best ever. My cats go nuts!

Helen Kara

Best catnip product I've found, my cats loved this for months until it was so manky I had to throw it away and get another one. Highly recommended.

Brenda Oakley-carter

Our cats go mad with this and even though it looks so manky now, they love it. We use it to get one in (he's always slightly reluctant at night!)so easily. We just rustle the bag, chuck it on the floor and he's in like a shot!