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Hills Science Plan Tender Chunks Adult Cat Food Pouches 12 x 85g (Favourites)

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food



Hills Science Plan Tender Chunks Adult Cat Food Pouches 12 x 85g (Favourites). Each box of Hill's Feline tender chunks variety box contains 12 x 85g handy pouches; each pouch containing tender pieces of meat in a tasty sauce.

For all feline friends who love bites of meat in tasty sauce, Hill's moist cat food is now available in practical single-serving pouches. Who could resist tender pieces of meat in a delicious gravy?

Aside from the juicy meat in an exquisite sauce, with every pouch of Hill's, your cat receives a well-balanced diet with exactly the right combination of vitamins and minerals for a long and healthy life. After all, there's a reason most veterinarians prefer and recommend Hill's.

Hills Feline Adult Chunks in Gravy 12 x 85g for adult cats contains:

  • 6x Adult Chicken
  • 3x Adult Ocean Fish
  • 3x Adult Beef.

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Karen Westenhofer

We had to put our rescue cat onto a good quality wet food following diagnosis of calcium oxalate crystals.She had only ever eaten dry food.This food was recommended and she showed improvement within 2 days.She has now been on the diet for 3 weeks and is much more settled and shows no signs of cystitis.