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Advantage 80 Large Cats and Rabbits 4 Pipettes

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Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health



Advantage large cats should be used for larger cats and larger rabbits. Each vial contains 0.8 ml (80 mg imidacloprid) and 0.1% butylated hydroxytoluene (E321) as a preservative.

Advantage large cats is indicated for the prevention and control treatment of flea infestations and can be used on kittens aged 8 weeks and older weighing over 4kg. If your cat is under 4Kg please use Advantage Small Cats. Treatment should be applied topically every month.

Advantage 80 large cats and Large Rabbits contains 4 applications providing 4 months protection.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.8 of 5)

Daniel Jeremiah

Good Product for my cats. Would recommend. Product you can trust.

Miss Suzanne Davey

I use this along with a broad spectrum worming tablet and I have never seen a sign of fleas or worms on my cats.

Helen Cleaver

Excellent product, does the job and the best price I could find

Kevin Duffield

Very effective branded product at a much cheaper price than my vet charges. Quick delivery too.

John Cairns

Went for Advantage as it's a brand I know well. Will be buying more at this excellent price. Most vets charge £6/£7 per pippette. Delivery was very quick.

Julie Mcstea

This product was recommended to me after my cats were infested with fleas and I had tried numerous products on the market from vets and supermarkets. This was the only product that worked. Excellent.

Petra Davies

This seems to work fine on my two cats. No problems at all.

Donna Evans

As far as I am concerned this is the best flea & tick treatment. Easy to apply without stressing out my cat with a tablet.

Ian Moore

This product is quite good and value for money worth a go

Susan Rogers

This is a great product to treat your cat for fleas and so easy to apply. Available for smaller cats too. I would rate this as a 5.