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Unipet Suet To Go Bird Food Suet Logs

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Manufacturer: Unipet

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Unipet Suet To Go Bird Food Suet Logs are high energy tasty snacks for feeding wild birds in your garden all year round.

The delicious suet mix contains the essentials that wild birds need to maintain a good, strong and healthy physical condition.

Wholesome and made from natural materials, these delicious suet logs are perfect for your garden!

Each pack contains 6 logs.

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Debbie Mciver

These logs are approx. 4-5" long and approx. 1" in diameter. They make me think of very fat cigars although these maintain the same diameter from end to end. They could be left laying on a bird table or alternatively you can buy specially designed suet log holders which would hold all 6 logs and then could be hung from a tree. I regularly buy these in bulk as my birds absolutely love them and can quite easily go through 6 in a day! VetUK appears to be the cheapest by far, from what I have experienced to date.

Jenny Callaghan

The birds in my garden love these and get through them very quickly, especially starlings and their young at the moment. Don't need the special holder for them, put them in any fat ball/suet block/nut feeder.