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VetUK Pet Insurance

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Why it's important to insure your pet

None of us like to think of our pet being unwell. Luckily, as we routinely see on TV, advances in veterinary science and more sophisticated drugs mean faster and fuller recoveries ... but the cost can be expensive!

When it's your pet that is ill or injured, you don't need to let cost be an added worry or worse, constrain your vet from doing what's best.


Why choose VetUK Pet Insurance

The NEW VetUK policy features lifetime cover for accidents and illnesses. Our vet's fees benefit offers lifetime protection to help pay for on-going conditions like eczema, arthritis or diabetes.

Some pet insurance restricts the amount of money you can claim for each illness or injury. Other policies limit your cover for chronic conditions to just 12 months, after which time further claims for that on-going condition are excluded.

When your VetUK pet insurance is renewed your full veterinary fees cover is renewed as well and when you claim, you'll find we pay quickly, fairly and conveniently too; by cheque, directly into your bank account or to your vet.


More than just veterinary fees

Over 95% of our pet insurance claims are for vet's fees and we see more pets being treated for more conditions, more often. But pet insurance can cover other pet related risks too.

VetUK pet insurance includes vet's fees, travel expenses if your pet is referred to another vet, help with the cost of finding your lost or stolen pet and third party liability cover for dog owners. The policy also allows you to choose from combinations of the following optional benefits:

Loss from theft or straying or death from illness or injury

Holiday cancellation or curtailment if your pet needs emergency treatment

Boarding kennel or cattery or minding fees if you are hospitalised unexpectedly

Overseas cover extension including emergency expenses and quarantine cost

Breeding risks cover including pregnancy, giving birth and puppies/kittens pre-sale

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The cover you want at an affordable price

Affordable lifetime cover – helping protect you from the cost of illnesses and injuries throughout your pet's life

Value for money – a choice of optional benefits and excesses so you only pay for what you want and your pet needs

UK based customer service team – friendly pet insurance experts on hand to discuss cover requirements for your pet

Fast, fair claims settlement – our target turnaround is just 5 working days

Savings for insuring more than one pet

Terms, conditions and excesses apply.

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Some things to consider when choosing a pet insurance policy

Insure YOUR PET as soon as possible: Your pet may be happy and healthy now, but insuring as early as possible reduces the chance of your pet suffering illnesses and injuries before taking out an insurance policy that would then not be covered.

Make the RIGHT choice first time: Consider what you want from your policy. Check the amount of cover is sufficient and that if your pet is ill or injured the vet's fees cover will pay out for the things you expect it to both now and as your pets get older. For example, will your policy only pay for on-going illnesses for 12 months, up to a certain maximum amount only or for all the years a policy is in force?

Do NOT choose on price alone: Pet insurance policies do not all work in the same way. The type of vet's fees cover is the biggest area of difference between policies and can affect the price.

Do NOT just choose the highest vet's fees benefit: The monetary amount is important but a high level does not necessarily mean better cover. Be certain of the type of cover you buy as this will determine how long some conditions are covered.

ALWAYS read the small print: When you've decided to insure - read the policy Terms & Conditions, as these will provide details of exactly what is and isn't covered.

If in doubt, ASK! If you aren't sure whether a policy will meet your requirements, just call and discuss your needs on 0800 369 94 14

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