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VetUK Premium Meadow Hay 2.25kg - From £4.49

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VetUK Premium Meadow Hay 2.25kg

VetUK Premium Meadow Hay 2.25kg big image

Manufacturer: VetUK



VetUK Premium Meadow Hay is a superior quality feed made from 100% natural blended grasses and herbs that are packed full of nutrition.

Dust extracted and sieved to remove dust spores, VetUK Meadow Hay aids optimal respiratory health and is ideal for both feeding and bedding.

Longer strands have been used which benefits dental and digestive health, as well as being more comfortable to nest in.

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.


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Lauren Wells
January 2021

Very nice hay. The guinea pigs really love it and it’s a really good price too.

Angela Hurd
January 2021

I have four rescue house rabbits who all have different eating habits; he had been given biscuits and no hay! Shocking. So to get them all eating good quality hay is a must and they all eat this! I started on this because three out of the four started sneezing every time I used a local shop. Supposed to be dust extracted however it wasn't! A visit to my local vet suggested they were suffering from Hay Fever because of the fine particles caused by the non dust extracted hay so I tried this and BINGO! Combine this with the long stemmed hay and all sorted. Please tell your supplier that they are doing a grand job.

Lenka Sucha
July 2020

I really like this hay. It’s dust free and my bunny loves it. I used to feed my rabbit Timothy hay however it would have constantly runny nose and vet said it could be an allergy. I discover this product and decided to give it a try, I’m so thrilled. I highly recommend.

Sarah Holman
June 2020

I ordered this hay because I couldn't get their usual brand from a high street store. My rabbits loved it so much they won't eat their normal brand any more. But I don't mind, this is such good quality hay and only a little more expensive than the one I was buying before, but there's much less waste now so it's a win-win in my eyes.

Erika Bukauskaite
June 2019

Very happy - bought 2'nd time 2 packs to save on delivery. Was looking with the local few sellers- no one had such a bid pieces meadow hay

Sabrina Brooks
November 2018

I would definitely recommend this hay, my rabbits can't get enough!! They both get excited whenever I give them this hay, which they have never done for any other hay. I ran out today and went to buy Excel hay (which they were both having before) and neither are as interested in it.