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VetUK Household Flea Spray Can 500ml - From £7.99

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VetUK Household Flea Spray Can 500ml

VetUK Household Flea Spray Can 500ml big image

Manufacturer: VetUK

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VetUK Household Flea Spray is a triple action insecticide designed to kill adult fleas and dust mites for 2 months, and provide continuous protection from reinfestation for up to 12 months.

Made with a unique adulticide formula that contains a synergistic blend of 4 ingredients, VetUK Flea Spray works to quickly kill all fleas present in a pet’s environment, whilst effectively breaking their life cycle by preventing the development of their eggs and larvae through the use of a long-lasting Insect Growth Regulator.

VetUK Flea Spray will also kill all dust mites and help to control them in your home for a full 12 months. Dust mites are one of the most common allergens implicated as a trigger for dogs with atopic dermatitis, and even their faeces or body fragments can be a cause. Regular vacuuming after use of the VetUK Flea Spray is essential to reduce their impact.

Suitable For:
For use in domestic premises on hard porous and non-porous surface, cracks and crevices, hard and soft furnishings and pet’s bedding as a broadcast.

One can will cover approximately 79 square meters, which is the equivalent to an average 3-4 bedroom house.

Active Ingredients:
An insecticide which effectively and quickly kills adult fleas present in a pet’s environment for up to 2 months.
A synergist that reinforces the activity of Permethrin
A long-lasting Insect Growth Regulator that prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing into adults for up to 12 months
Chrysanthemum cinerariafolium
A source of Pyrethrin; a naturally occurring insecticide

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Mandy Donneky
December 2021

Maybe I got excited but one can only did one bedroom, the stairs and landing before running out - smells nice though! Now the wait is on to see if my poor pets (Who have been Seresto collared up for past 4 months) finely stop getting flea attacted!

Katy Alford
November 2020

For those of you without pets but with fleas beware they don’t disappear in a day!This stuff is good & a nice smell.After you have vac’d n sprayed the cocoons may hatch & fleas have a bit of a frenzy!I hoovered steamed all soft furnishings then I sprayed only to be bit again, I rather lost the will to live as after 3 days of deep cleaning only to be bit again was soul destroying.However nothing kills the pupae when the larvae are inside their little cocoons they are rather indestructible, therefore stimulating them by vacuuming everyday & then spraying is good & after 5 days of ‘stimulation’ I am bite free! The critters were even in my bed so every night I vac the mattress spray, recover with duvet & out my elec blanket on.Thoroughly recommend this spray, of course a lot of perseverance & deep cleaning. I would spray & leave until the following evening & start the cycle again.I also used salt for the crevices which dehydrate the fleas & eggs, leave that for as long as possible.Fleas also detest the smell of tea tree oil, so if you are prone to flea bites I would suggest rubbing some tea tree essential oil into your legs to deter them even more. - No feed no breed!

Ruth Whitehead
July 2020

Bought this product having tried others with no success only one word for it MAGIC sorted my problem within 24 hours will purchase more products when required thank you

Eleanor Smith
June 2020

I would usually buy Indorex (the absolute best insecticide on the market - kills not only fleas and ticks, but lice as well). This 'own brand' version by VetUK is a 100% identical product in every way, even down to the excellent 'top delivery' spray-can design - much more efficient and easier to use and direct the spray than the usual 'side-spraying' aerosols one usually comes across. I've tried many insecticides over the years, and this clone of Indorex is just as good as Indorex (the best, without doubt), but a fair bit cheaper! What more could one ask for? NB: One can will cover an entire average house, and I've found that spraying 3-6 monthly, at most, is more than enough. Note: I don't keep cats, only dogs, and I've found in the past that cats bring more fleas than dogs do (mostly because they lie for long periods in hedges and long grass where other animals have been), so if you have cats, you may need to spray 3-monthly.