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Caninsulin 1ml U40 Insulin Syringes (Box of 100)

Caninsulin 1ml U40 Insulin Syringes (Box of 100) big image

Manufacturer: MSD Animal Health


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Caninsulin 1ml U40 Insulin Syringes are safe, sterile and pyrogen free syringes for use with U40 Insulin only.

Made out of a durable plastic with a cap at either end to ensure sterility, each syringe comes complete with a 29G x ½” (12.7mm) bevelled needle.

The syringes hold up to 1ml (40 Units) of U40 Insulin and are marked in clear graduations of 0.025ml (1 unit) for easy and accurate dosing.

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Mary Obrien
February 2020

These syringes are fine but not as advertised. The description above says they have a cap at each end whereas the ones sent to me only have one cap .

Paul Bainbridge
January 2019

these are one of the best to use ,easy to read, no needles, maybe one in every two boxes