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Wee-Away Pet Odour Control and Stain Remover 500ml

Wee-Away Pet Odour Control and Stain Remover 500ml big image

Manufacturer: Enviro-Works



Wee Away Pet Odour Control and stain Remover is a naturally sustainable pet odour and stain remover that rapidly neutralizes and eliminates bad odours.

By using friendly bacteria it eliminates uric acid and salts than cause urine odour.

Wee-Away can be safely sprayed on soft and hard surfaces such as animal bedding, carpets, and fabrics. It is also safe to use on everyday household spills, urine stains, vomit, faeces and other pet accidents.

The fast acting formula does not rely on the use of hazardous chemical oxidizers or masking agents.

Bottle size: 500ml

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