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Millpledge Wrapz Cohesive Bandages Colour Pack

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Manufacturer: Millpledge

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12 x 5cm

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Millpledge Wrapz Cohesive Bandages Colour Pack is constructed of a laminated material composed of a non-woven, shirred or creped, porous latex based adhesive.

With only lengthways elastic nylon threads embedded that adheres to itself, this colourful bandage shows high resistance to tearing, abrasion and wear, making it ideal for use as a final layer bandage.

The Wrapz bandage is designed to provide measured compression to limbs and joints whilst maintaining non-slip support.

The bandage does not shrink down on application and easily and continuously conforms to the most difficult body contours of large or small animals.

The cohesive action means no clips or fasteners are needed; each layer adheres firmly to itself. These colourful bandages are also hand tearable when circumstances demand, it may be cross ripped or torn without excessive finger pressure.

The colour pack contains red, blue, purple, green and pink bandages.

All bandages measure 5m long.


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