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Specific Weight Reduction Feline FRW Cat Alutrays 7 x 100g

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Manufacturer: Dechra



Specific Weight Reduction Feline FRW Cat Alutrays offers a nutritious recipe that is both low in fat and high in fibre, enabling owners to satisfy their pet's appetite even during periods of weight reduction.

Enriched in Omega - 3 fatty acids, this wholesome food promotes healthy skin and shiny coat as well as supple joints and mobility in obese cats.

Cats suffering from diabetes mellitus benefit from the complex carbohydrates and a high level of fibre to promote a gradual release of glucose from the diet.

7 x 100g Alutrays

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Helen Hawkins

My cat was recently diagnosed diabetic and she really likes this food, even though it doesnt really have a scent and looks / tastes very bland - yes, I did try a teeny bit! It is a good price compared to some of the other brands of diabetic prescription wet foods. I haven't yet tried her with the dried version.