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Specific Struvite Dissolution Feline FSW Cat Alutrays

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Manufacturer: Dechra


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Specific Struvite Dissolution Feline FSW Cat Alutrays for cats are highly palatable and especially composed to dissolve struvite stones and crystals.

Details: Struvite urolithiasis (deposition of magnesium ammonium phosphate in the lower urinary tract) is promoted by high concentrations of magnesium, ammonium and phosphorus in the urine and an alkaline urinary pH.

Specific Struvite Dissolution was specially developed for the dissolution of struvite uroliths. The reduced phosphorus and magnesium content leads to low urinary concentrations. In addition, Specific Struvite Dissolution induces a low urinary pH (6.0 to 6.3) which minimises the likelihood of crystal deposition and dissolves struvite uroliths that have already formed.

Ingredients: Vegetable protein extract • Cereals • Oils and fats • Egg and egg derivatives • Fish and fish derivatives • Minerals • Hydrolysed chicken protein • Powdered cellulose.

7 x 100g Alutrays

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Caroline Egan

This cat food is just what it says - highly palatable. After my cat got struvite crystals for the second time, I was dreading having to put him back on the well known SD food that my vet recommended. He hated it. Thank you VetUK for supplying an alternative product at an affordable price. I will be purchasing the maintenance food once the stuvite crystals have dissolved.