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Pettex Compressed Bale Barley Straw 3.7kg

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Manufacturer: Pettex Pet Products


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Pettex Compressed Bale Barley Straw 3.7kg is ideal bedding for rabbits and other small animals. The straw is a natural by-product of freshly harvested barley crop. This bedding is recommended for small animals because it is softer than wheat or oat straw and makes cosy, comfortable, warm bedding. Another great thing about this bedding is that is does not flatten easily and also smells fresh and sweet.

Dust free, healthy and hygienic.

Dimensions: 38 x 15 x 61cm



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Suzanne Lilley

My two bunnies love this Barley Straw. Great price for the size bale you get too. I bought some straw from a big chain recently because I ran out too quickly before my next order and they were very disappointed - none of the foraging happened that usually happens when I break these bales open into there home. They can't get enough of this one! They turned their nose up at the other straw.