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VetUK Premium Meadow Hay 2.25kg

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Manufacturer: VetUK



VetUK Premium Meadow Hay is a superior quality feed made from 100% natural blended grasses and herbs that are packed full of nutrition.

Dust extracted and sieved to remove dust spores, VetUK Meadow Hay aids optimal respiratory health and is ideal for both feeding and bedding.

Longer strands have been used which benefits dental and digestive health, as well as being more comfortable to nest in.

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.


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Erika Bukauskaite

Very happy - bought 2'nd time 2 packs to save on delivery. Was looking with the local few sellers- no one had such a bid pieces meadow hay

Sabrina Brooks

I would definitely recommend this hay, my rabbits can't get enough!! They both get excited whenever I give them this hay, which they have never done for any other hay. I ran out today and went to buy Excel hay (which they were both having before) and neither are as interested in it.

Verity Moore

This hay smells quite fresh and my bunnies like the taste of it. It's good value for money and comes in a large bag so lasts a long time. However, the last bag I bought was very dusty and seems to aggrivate my bunnies sensitive nose therefore making him sneeze more. (He has been vet checked previously for sneezing & possibly has allergies). A lot seems to go to waste and it's very messy so creates more work for me when cleaning.

Hannah Neary

I've spent quite a while now trying to find a good quality and affordable source of hay. And I'm pleased to say I've finally found it!! Not only do you get a lot for your money, but the quality is also brilliant. I've not had any problems with this hay and my guinea pigs love it!!

Jennifer Birt

Brought this to bulk up the Bark Hay, they seem to like it :)

Ross Still

This is such great value. My guinea pigs love to eat this hay, comes in a nice big bag too, I will certainly be purchasing more of this hay when it runs out. Premium product, low cost.