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Skinners Field and Trial Muesli Mix Dog Food 15Kg

Skinners Field and Trial Muesli Mix Dog Food 15Kg big image

Manufacturer: Skinners



Skinners Field and Trial Muesli Mix Dog Food is a tasty blend of ingredients, carefully formulated to meet the moderate energy requirements of adult dogs in light training or work, particularly during the closed season.

Beef provides the high levels of protein needed for strong muscles and teeth and bones. Top quality oils give extra energy, whilst cereals, biscuits and vegetables boost the carbohydrate content guaranteeing the sustained stamina needed for a full day in the field.

With a variety of tastes, textures and a delicious moist glucose syrup coating, even a fussy dog will tuck in and enjoy a full ration of Field & Trial Muesli.

Free from artificial additives and preservatives.

Beef meat meal, terrier meal, cooked flaked maize, extruded whole wheat biscuits, wheat glucose syrup, dried meat, cooked flaked peas, cooked wheat flakes, oils, vitamins and minerals.

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Karen Purchese
December 2012

I have a 2yr old Newfoundland dog he normally has skinners salmon biscuits not to keen on them. I thought I would buy the Muesli Mix to see if he likes it, oh my god it didnt last long he loved it. Finally I have found biscuits he will eat without having to add something to coax him to eat them.

Clark Halstead
November 2012

It's been a month now since we put our Great Dane on this. He loves it! He has this in his morning feed and Skinners Maintenance in the evening. Did read the review about the sugar content but honestly, he enjoys it that much, it hardly touches his teeth. And he drinks plenty of water afterwards and has rawhide bones to clean his teeth (however, if you really are worried about sugar affecting your dogs teeth in this way, then I could agree with that review). Our friend who also has a great Dane, her dog didn't take to it, so it really is down to what your dog prefers. Our great Dane has a picky appetite, but he really does look forward to this in the morning :) Can recommend this!

Tania Davis-edwards
April 2011

I have to say that my dog loved this food and it suited him very well. Then I realised it was covered in sugar! Not a good thing to give a dog so I have stopped using it. I have found the other varieties in Skinners are extremely good but you have to look for sugar in the ingredients - the other one is the 'ruff and ready'. When I rescued my dog his teeth were brown and his breath stank. I was not going to make his teeth worse by giving him sugar in his meals. His teeth are now beautiful, I vary his foods between the turkey and rice, salmon and rice and duck and rice. He does very well on this along with the dogs I foster.

Michelle Shenton
April 2010

Our Lab is almost 2yrs old and whilst he'll eat anything, most dog foods give him an upset tummy, Skinners totally agrees with him, he loves this and always empties his bowl! An excellent choice