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Royal Canin Urinary SO Small Dog 4Kg

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Manufacturer: Royal Canin



Royal Canin Urinary SO Small Dog 4Kg is a specially formulated complete dietetic feed for all small breed dogs weighing 10Kg and under.

Specifically formulated to help support dogs with Urinary Tract Disease, this food dissolves struvite stones and reduces their recurrence through urine acidifying properties, low magnesium and restricted but high quality proteins.

This Urinary SO helps to lower the concentration of ions contributing to the struvite and calcium oxalate crystal formation, reducing the build up significantly.

Also containing urine diluting properties to reduce the risk of build and give the bladder a good regular wash out, this highly nutritious feed doesn't fail to deliver a tasty and healthy meal!

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Christine Bell

I really feel this product is doing my little Yorkie good