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Royal Canin Renal Feline Dry RF23

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Manufacturer: Royal Canin

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Royal Canin Renal Feline Dry RF23 is a highly palatable, complete diet for adult cats which has been formulated as an aid in the dietary management of chronic renal failure. This diet has been proven to significantly increase survival time of cats with diagnosed CRF. It can slow the progression of disease and help maintain quality of life.

In cats with chronic renal failure, it is important to provide sufficient energy to minimize catabolism of either dietary or endogenous protein. Protein catabolism contributes to the production of nitrogenous waste products and the clinical symptoms of uraemia.

Royal Canin feline Renal support is formulated with relatively high fat contents and high energy density.

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Jane Beeson

My two elderly cats have been eating this for a couple of years; one has marked kidney disease, the other's values are always at the high end of normal. I do give them cooked chicken as well, but I,am impressed that after this time their kidney values have remained constant, and, amazingly, they continue to enjoy this food! Delivery is prompt and it's so easy to repeat my order each time. Thank you!

Mary Boon

Although one of my cats has renal disease, both of them love this. Good to find it online at a competitive price.

Sue Harper

Over the past few months my 17 year old female cat has been diagnosed with hyperthyroid, renal failure in her one remaining kidney, diabetes and cysts on her liver and remaining kidney. She has also become completely deaf and lost many of her teeth prior to me adopting her so she finds some biscuits difficult to eat. These biscuits are small and flatter than other makes and not only does she love them but her finds them easy to eat. Her vet is amazed at how well she has become since being on the kidney diet and I am delighted to find food which she loves and which she is able to eat.

Charlene Sweeney

Excellent product my cat loves them and they are easy for him to eat since starting his diet on these his kidneys are doing really well, would highly recommend them if your cat has kidney failure

Annette Day

This is the only renal prescription food my cat will eat. Unfortunately the other cats in the street love it too!!

Lesley Mcl.

My 18 year old cat absolutely loves these. They are small and seem very palatable for older teeth.