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Royal Canin Convalescence Support Instant Sachets

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Manufacturer: Royal Canin



Royal Canin Convalescence Support Instant Sachets are for the nutritional management of:

Anorexia, Malnutrition, Tube feeding, Inability to eat, Post-surgery, Pregnancy, lactation, Growth.

10 X 50g Instant Sachets for cats or dogs to support recovery.

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Jane Parsons

Great usefull food. We have elderly ferrets and an elderly cat using this to keep weight on alongside soaked biscuits food. Have used many times as a supplement post surgery, for rescue animals who have been starved and for unwell animals needing gentle food. So useful.

Amanda Pressland

Very useful to have in the house if you are a ferret owner, as this can be used as a replacement food if your ferret is poorly and struggling to eat, or as a means to hide the taste of any other medicine. Simply mix 1 heaped teaspoon full with app 15ml warm water and serve warm (not too hot) either in a bowl, or if the ferret is too poorly using a syringe. Note - this should only be used as a supplement for poorly ferrets and not as a daily treat.

Sharon Gilks

I purchased these sachets for my 16 year old cat that needs to take milk thistle and gain some weight. I just mix the milk thistle into the powder and syringe the liquid into his mouth.I found this product gives him just the boost that he needs.

Stephanie Minns

This is great stuff. I am using it for a poorly ferret and as you can mix it to a thin consistency it's ideal for syringing if an animal is refusing or unable to eat from bowl. I mix his meds in and he wolfs it down.