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Burns Whole Plantain for Small Animals 100g

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Manufacturer: Burns



Burns Whole Plantain for Small Animals 100g is a pack of natural dried plantain that provides your pet with the high amount of fibre they require to maintain proper health.

This tasty dried herbal supplement feed supports the digestive system as well as contributing to the maintenance of its overall health.

To be fed alongside hay and other herbs for a balanced diet.

Please note: Treats should be given sparingly and fed alongside a complete and nutritionally balanced diet.

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Kelly Abrahall

My bunnies go nuts for this. It's completely natural & healthy & is high in fibre. One of my rabbits doesn't eat enough hay so feeding him this helps to increase his fibre intake and keep him healthy. It's something I will always buy for my rabbits and recommend to other rabbit owners.

Alison Anderson

Yummy! My rabbits absolutely love this, it's great to find a reasonably priced healthy treat, they practically fall over themselves to get to this stuff, I would definitely recommend it :-)