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Xenex Ultra Spot On

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Manufacturer: Dechra


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Xenex Ultra Spot On is a broad spectrum small animal Spot On which not only kills fleas but also mites, lice, ticks and even the flies which cause fly strike.

Xenex Ultra contains permethrin, a tried and trusted insecticide, in a really simple to use Spot On formulation for all small herbivores. use on Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Rodents.

Each packet contains 6 pipettes lasting up to 2 weeks each.

Please note that this product contains permethrin, which can be harmful to cats and caution is advised if this product is to be used around them.

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Carole Taylor

Used this on my three bunnies and it is vey effective and quite easy to apply if your bunny will stay still.

Juie Mathers

Minor irritation in rabbits for a short time, the benefits are good, I once had a rabbit with fly strike and I used this and the maggots just dropped off, I took her to the vets and he couldnt belive how effective it had been, she was totally clear and lived to a ripe old age. I always use this to prevent mites and fly strike now and have never had any problems using it on my 4 rabbits or had a reoccurence of mite or fly strike.

Sandra Stewardson

I used this on my rabbit, she is going mad now! Terrible reaction! A few others have said the same! I googled bad reaction to xenex. Don't buy this product!!!!

Jane Maynard

A easy to use product even on the most wiggly of rabbits. So much easier than the sponge applicator of other products. Drops around back of neck and tail area all thats needed, clear instructions on how many drops per body weight (kg) and space to write when used and next application needed in packet.