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Burgess Excel Bedding & Litter 8L

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Manufacturer: Burgess Pet Care


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Burgess Excel Bedding & Litter is a revolution in small animal bedding and litter for all small furry animals.

Made from natural straw in compressed pellets, the bedding is 10x more absorbent than whole straw and shavings, and therefore less depth of litter is required in your pets hutch.

The use of natural straw also reduces parasite breeding, helps prevent fly strike and sticky bottoms and reduces the risk of pododermatitis and ulcerative foot lesions.

While improving general hygiene of both your pet and their hutch, Burgess Excel Bedding & Litter also naturally locks in odours as the rapid absorbtion stops the breakdown of urea into ammonia, keeping your room smelling fresh and odour free.

The litter can be disposed of naturally as compost, mulch, burning, flushing or by simply putting it into your garden bin.

8L Bag

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Julie Shaw

I already use hay based litter for my rabbits litter trays, and once I saw the Burgess Excel offering, I thought I would try it ... the pellets are larger than my current supply, but there is a lot less dust with the excel pellets which is a lot better for my bunnies eyes etc. My only issue is that it only comes in a 8L (4kg) bag (my current supply comes in 15kg bulk bags) so it makes it more expensive overall, It would be great if they offered another larger pack size and I would definitely switch to this product full time then.

Manon Rump

While I agree that the pellets were the best absorbent ones I so far used there are two disadvantages. The bag is quite small, I needed 1/2 of the bag to cover the areas my two rabbits use as their toilet outside the litter tray. They are using a litter tray I use woodshaving for but still wee in some other areas. The second issue I had was that the pellets totally disintegrated and I was left with a lot of strawlike dust. I felt it made cleaning the wooden hutch we have quite difficult.