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King British Methylene Blue No.10 Treatment

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Manufacturer: King British



King British Methylene Blue No.10 Treatment is an antifungal formula.

Containing antiseptic healing properties King British Methylene Blue No.10 is extremely effective against parasites such as Flukes.

In every aquarium there are naturally occurring disease organisms such as bacteria, fungi and parasites which, when fish are healthy, their immune system is able to keep at bay.

When fish are exposed to stressful situations, such as poor water quality or handling, their immune system is weakened, leaving them vulnerable to infection.

Methylene Blue is one of the oldest and most trusted active ingredients used in fish treatments. Methylene Blue is safe to use with fish eggs and fry for the prevention of fungal infections.

It also increases the oxygen carrying capacity of fish which is beneficial for distressed and sick fish.

King British Methylene Blue No.10 rapidly aids respiration problems.



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