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Fortekor Palatable Tablet 2.5mg

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Manufacturer: Elanco Animal Health

Prescription Only


Fortekor Palatable Tablets 2.5mg.

Tablets sold individually.

Legal Category:
POM-V | Fortekor 2.5mg

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Irene Whitwell
August 2016

its given my Rags, persian blue boy, a new lease of life. he's 14 and i thought he was a gonner.

Dawn O'connor
June 2012

Had to purchase this product on recommnedation from my vet, as my cat had an enlarged heart. Much much cheaper than vets price which is always a bonus. Well Done VetUK another great product at a great price. RIP (June 2011) - Chubby Brown - our beautiful silvery tabby with an unmistakable personality

D.r. Leighton
September 2007

Seven years ago George, my beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, had an X-ray because of a gastric condition. The X-ray discovered that he had an enlarged heart due to endocardiosis. The vet prescribed half a 5mg Fortkor tablet once a day. Now, seven years later, George is 13 years 9 months old (a good age for any dog)and he is still going strong, active and (apart from his heart) in excellent health. His coat is glossy, his eyes are bright and his nose is wet. He has a good appetite. He has a heart murmur, of course, but this has been stable for many years and has not got worse. I am convinced that Fortekor quite literally saved his life. I cannot speak too highly of it.