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Equisolon 33mg/g Oral Powder for Horses

Equisolon 33mg/g Oral Powder for Horses big image

Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

Prescription Only


Equisolon Oral Powder for Horses is used to treat recurrent airway obstructions (RAO or Heaves) in combination with environmental measures.

These will include measures such as keeping your horse outside more often, increasing ventilation in their stable, soaking hay before feeding and using bedding with a minimum of dust.

Equisolon works by using a corticosteroid as its active substance; a medicine that will act to reduce the activity of the immune system. This will decrease inflammation in the airways, helping to keep them clear and allowing your horse to breath more easily.

Each gram contains:
33.3mg Prednisolone as the active substance.

Legal Category:
POM-V | Equisolon Oral Powder for Horses

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