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Apoquel 3.6mg Tablets for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Zoetis

Prescription Only


Apoquel 3.6mg Tablets for Dogs are indicated for the treatment of pruritus associated with allergic dermatitis and the clinical manifestations of atopic dermatitis in dogs.

Apoquel 3.6mg Tablets contain 3.6mg oclacitinib.

Tablets sold individually.

Legal Category:
POM-V | Apoquel Tablets

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Anthony Parker

my dog as been on this medication for almost 2 years now and has to stay on it for life as he has a severe skin problem and hair loss, although he has not got his hair back yet there are signs of it growing back but like everything else in life it takes time and miracles dont work overnight, since Marley as been on Apoquel he has stop scratching, licking and biting, he is looking a lot better even without his hair, his health as improved since being placed on this tablet by our vet, we have found no allergy reactions to the ingredients of the tablet, although it does tend to make our dog a bit sleepy but that is just a minor side effect as in human tablets so theres nothing to worry about with that, before marley was placed on this medication he was started on other tablets and medicines which had no effect Marley had lost his appetite before going on to this tablet, and since he's been on it his appetite well its out of the window we cant keep up with him as he now enjoys his food all thanks to this tablet I have given the product a 5 star rating as we are totally happy with it and would recommend it to other owners, I read bad reviews of this product and was worried and hesitant about using it but our vet reassured us that it was not harmful or dangerous and that the reviews being given were given by people who had not used the product, and so we allowed marley to be put on it and have had no problems apart from him sleeping and his returned appetite which we dont mind as we are just over the moon in his progress, and seeing how happy Marley is and him playing and running more since being on the tablet makes us happy to see it.

David Roma Dollase

Very good product, only way my allergic cat doesn't get wounds on his skin. Eating only hypoallergenic food is not enough, the tests were not conclusive about which is the cause of his allergies and taking cortisone every day is not a viable long term solution, so this is the only way he can have a good quality life. At the time being, he takes them for over a year and still no side effects. Only the first month he had some diarrhoea but because the vet was wrong with the quantity and he was taking two 5.4 per day instead of two 3.6 mg.