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CleanyTeeth Ultrasound Toothpaste for Dogs

CleanyTeeth Ultrasound Toothpaste for Dogs big image

Manufacturer: Pet Trade Innovations



The CleanyTeeth Ultrasound Toothpaste has been developed exclusively for use with the CleanyTeeth Ultrasonic Toothbrush.

Unlike standard toothpastes, the CleanyTeeth toothpaste does not contain any abrasive particles that could potentially damage the enamel or irritate the gums. Instead, the toothpaste contains billions of nanobubbles that are created when it comes into contact with the ultrasound from the toothbrush.

These nanobubbles are roughly 150x thinner than a human hair, and will work their way throughout your dog’s mouth and around their teeth to get into even the smallest of crevices to clear away even microscopic particles.

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