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Dentagen Aqua 250ml

Dentagen Aqua 250ml big image

Manufacturer: Dechra



Dentagen Aqua is simply added to the drinking water of cats or dogs to provide 24 hour protection against plaque.

Dentagen Aqua is a palatable water additive which contains RF2 for maintaining healthy teeth and gums and keeping breath fresh by preventing the build up of plaque.

It forms part of the unique Dentagen Dental Care Programme and contains no harmful additives.

Directions for Use:
Dogs >12Kg: Add 10ml (1 capful) to 1 litre of fresh drinking water
Dogs & Cats <12Kg: Add 5ml (1/2 capful) to 500ml of fresh drinking water
Replace with fresh Dentagen Aqua solution every 24 hours.

Please Note: It is imperative that the level of water consumption in cats is sustained to maintain renal function.

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Gloria Smith
September 2012

I purchased this product to supplement my two dog's dental regime which is regular brushing with Oral Logic and dental chews. Unfortunately neither of my dogs seemed to find the taste palatable and refused to drink the treated water which is a pity as it sounded quite a good idea. I'm going to try it on the cat and see if he will drink the treated water, fingers crossed as he is too violent for tooth brushing!

Lucy Hollings
July 2012

This solution is so easy to administer, I simply add it to my cats drinking water and she gulps it down no problems.

Terry Green
July 2012

My cat is not a fan of having her teeth brushed but it was important to me that I still managed to maintain her oral health, this have proven a great alternative. I am very please.

Mellisa Bowes
July 2012

Both my dogs suffered from terrible bad breath and this has really done the job. It has proven very palatable as they have both continued drinking their water as normal.

Helen Walland
May 2011

We used this for about 6 months, after one of our dogs had had extensive dental work. We used it in conjunction with the chews and toothpaste but were disappointed that the results were not good. The idea behind the stuff seemed very good and in fact it was a vet who recommended it to us. However at our last health review she suggested we were wasting our money and should move to using LOGIC dental gel instead, which seems much more palatable for the dogs and more effective.