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Royal Canin Mobility Support Tablets for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Royal Canin

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Royal Canin Mobility Support Tablets for Dogs are a carefully formulated vet diet supplement for supporting dogs with mobility and/or after orthopaedic surgery or trauma.

Each mobility support tablet contains Green-Lipped Mussel extract with omega-3 fatty acids and cartilage precursors to help improve mobility and comfort in dogs suffering from arthritic joints, or degenerative joint disease.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Mobility Support Tablets can be safely used with any combination of glucosamine and glucosamine chondroitin mix supplements.

Various Sugars, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat and Animal Derivatives (Turkey), Cereals, Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Vegetable Protein Extract, Oils and Fats, Minerals

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Robin Wheeler

This was a nice product but not high enough for my cat to use. It really is only suitable for very young cats. In the past my cat has used a pole that is about 63cm in height & 8cm diameter pole. She loves that and uses in many times a day. Do you have one?

Philip Rassell

Our creaky, stiff black cat is now an absolute seal pup of flexibility. Whereas before she was in obvious discomfort, couldn't jump up and was very wary of jumping down, she's now back to youthful vigour. So much so that the Seraquin (which helped before, is no longer needed). We give her half a chew - they are pre-cut and break in two easily. Marvellous.

Helen Clark

My Akita is 13 yrs old and was really feeling his age. Since trying him on these pills (in nothing like the recommended strength for his weight) he is a different dog. Even though it is bitterly cold, snow and ice, he can't wait to go out. I suffer with arthritic ankles, now I can't keep up with him before I would have to drag him out. Great pills.

Katrina Hughes

My vet recommended I try these for my 11yr old cross breed dog who was suffering with pain and stiffness in his hips. After about 3 weeks I noticed that he was much improved. He has been on these now for just over 2 years and they vastly improve his quality of life. He loves the taste too!

Tina Wilkinson

I have a very stubborn 12 year old cocker spaniel whom does like tablets and whom also started to suffer with her legs i.e stiffness and struggling to make the stairs. I started her on these just over 18 months ago and she actually likes them and the stiffness has gone and she can make the stairs I give them to her along with cod liver oil and the combination is working.

Mark Robinson

My vet recommended these for our Old English Sheepdog puppy who had a very bad limp, he said if they didn't work the puppy might have to have a major shoulder operation, well he`s now been on them for over 2 years and touch wood is OK, the limp vanished after a few weeks, we also give him glucosamine chondroitin and cod liver oil tablets.. These tablets are pliable and can be moulded around other none palatable tablets that have to be taken at the same time. The vet was charging us over 15 pound per tub for these.