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Vet-Amin + Zinc 200g - From £9.77

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Vet-Amin + Zinc 200g

Vet-Amin + Zinc 200g big image

Manufacturer: Millpledge



Vet-Amin + Zinc is a useful dietary supplement containing essential vitamins and minerals to supplement dietary deficiencies in young or debilitated small animals.

Key Benefits:

  • Sensibly formulated for most small animals species
  • Flavoured with Valerian to enhance acceptability
  • Fine flaked wheatfeed carrier for ease of mixing

A 769IUm D3 76.91U, E 0.08mg, K3 0.003mcg, B1 0.091mg, B2 0.189mg, B6 0.095mg, B12 3.2mcg, Nicotinic Acid 0.954mg, Pantothetic Acid 0.19mg, Folic Acid 0.014mg, Biotin 0.002mg, C1 0.006mcg, Xantophyllis 0.001mg

Calcium 10mg, Phosphorous 10mg, Potassium 1.9mg, Iron 10.5mg, Iodine 90mcg, Copper 1200mcg, Cobalt 300mcg, Manganese 750mcg, Zinc 500mcg

Choline 12mg, Lecithin 42mg, Linoleic acid 25mg, Linolenic acid 1.8mg, Arachidonic acid 2.4mg

Typical Analysis:
Moisture 8.3%, Protein 25%, Fat 2.26%, Fibre 4.03%, Ash 7.9%, Dry Matter 91.7%

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