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TRM Hoofmaker Supplement for Horses (60 x 20g Sachets)

TRM Hoofmaker Supplement for Horses (60 x 20g Sachets) big image

Manufacturer: T.R.M.


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TRM Hoofmaker Supplement for Horses is a sulphur rich supplement which provides nourishment to both the outer and the inner layer of the hoof wall, repairing damage and improving the overall quality of the hoof.

Sulphur is the main structural component of the hoof horn. Hoofmaker replenishes the hoof with a variety of sulphur rich nutrients including the amino acid Methionine and the sulphur rich nutrient MSM.

Hoofmaker also contains Calcium, Zinc and other amino acids; all vital to maintaining the integrity of the hoof.

Each 20g sachet of contains a very high level of Biotin 37.5mg.

This supplement should be added to the normal feed ration.

For Adult horses - feed one 20g sachet each day.

For ponies and foals -feed one 20g sachet every other day.

This pack contains 60 x 20g Sachets

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