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Cavalesse Oral Solution 3 x 20g Satchets - From £59.00
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Cavalesse Oral Solution 3 x 20g Satchets

Cavalesse Oral Solution 3 x 20g Satchets big image

Manufacturer: Fidavet

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Cavalesse Oral Solution 3 x 20g Satchets are an all natural supplement that can be given to horses as a treatment for spring and summer skin problems, such as sweet itch.

Featuring the key ingredient, Nicotinamide (a type of Vitamin B3), Cavalesse reduces the production of histamine in your horse's skin and increases the protective fats and oils, reducing the itch-scratch cycle.

A single satchet of Cavalesse is to be diluted in 80ml of water and administered once daily by drawing up the correct dosage with a pipette and sprinkling it over a handful of feed (not into the feed bucket), or a treat which can then be fed to the horse.

Please read instructions thoroughly before use.

Horses and ponies weighing less than 500kg: 2ml per day
Horses weighing more than 500kg: 3ml per day


  • Use Cavalesse as early in the season as possible.
  • This solution should be put in a small handful of food or on a treat, not into the feed bucket
  • Give cavalesse around the same time every day (IE. morning or evening)
  • The effects of nicotinamide only last for 24 hours so it is important to give at the same time daily

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