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Equistro Excell E Liquid 1Lt. for Horses

Equistro Excell E Liquid 1Lt. for Horses big image

Manufacturer: Vetoquinol



Equistro Excell E Liquid is a concentrated vitamin E, selenium, lysine and magnesium solution which helps aid muscle cell resistance and limit muscular tension.

Use Equistro Excell E Liquid to aid optimised muscular metabolism. In competition horses - for muscle performance and condition. In foals from birth and throughout initial care. In brood mares to aid fertility and oestrus.

Equistro Excell E supplies 4 key nutrients of high biological value that are in a readily available form for muscle metabolism:

  • L-Lysine: an essential amino acid, necessary for muscle protein synthesis.
  • Vitamin E and Selenium: 2 antioxidants that play a primordial role in muscle cell integrity.
  • Magnesium: which is important in neuromuscular transmission.

Vitamin E 105 140 IU/Kg, L-Lysine 89 720 mg/Kg, Selenium 23mg/Kg, Magnesium 1.95%

Recommended Administration:
Athletic horses subject to muscle stiffness - 20ml per day
Pleasure horse muscular vitality - 10ml per day

1 Litre Pot = 50 days supply

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