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Audevard Myostem Mass 2.1kg - From £84.99

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Audevard Myostem Mass 2.1kg

Audevard Myostem Mass 2.1kg big image

Manufacturer: Audevard



Audevard Myostem Mass is a complementary feed designed to provide nutritional support for muscle development in horses undergoing training, horses that are older or out of shape, horses recovering from disease, as well as growing foals.

Rich in essential and limiting amino acids that help to support muscle growth, Myostem Mass also contains Fenugreek to improve food intake, and prebiotics to help digestion.

Myostem Mass doesn’t contain any ingredient that could make your horse positive for doping.

Potato Protein, Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum), Calcium Carbonate, 12.1.5 Extract Walls of Specific Yeasts, Molasses

Aromatic 2b Substances: L-Histidine 19.6g, 19g Leucine, L-Phenylalanine 11.4g. 3c-Amino Acids: L-Arginine 3c3.6.1 21g, 3.2.3 L-Lysine Monohydrochloride 16g, 3.3.1 L-Threonine 10.6g, 3c3.7.1 L-Valine 6.7g, 3c3. 8.1 L-Isoleucine 2.5g, 2.5 G Methionine 3c301

Analytical Constituents:
Humidity <8%, Crude Proteins 62%, Crude Fats 2.5%, Crude Ashes 12%, Crude Fibres 1%, Sodium 0.5%

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