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Equitop Pronutrin Supplement for Horses 3.5kg

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Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim



Equitop Pronutrin Supplement for Horses is an effective supplementary feed, proving particularly beneficial in stressed horses.

Pronutrin utilises proto-pectin fibres, pea fibre, what fibre and citrus fruits, lectin, glycerol and natural flavours to maintain the integrity of the protective mucous membrane layer of the stomach which contains the glands and the gastric pits.

Apolectol, the active ingredient in Pronitrin, prevents the increase of gastric acid and stabilises the natural balance of the stomach mucous layer. It also strengthens the hydrophobic layer protecting the gastric mucosa, providing a natural double protection of the sensitive mucosa. Lastly it stabilises and regenerates the protection against the aggressive gastric acids and at the same time prevents an excess of gastric acid in the stomach.

Pronutrin can be administered routinely to prevent relapses or before situations that may benefit from the natural stabilising effects of Pronutrin to protect the gastric mucosa.

Dried fruit and vegetable pulp (66%), sugar (20%), apple extract (2%).

Typical Analysis:
Crude fibre 12%, crude fat 7.5%, crude protein 6%, crude ash 4%, magnesium 0.2%,sodium 0.0%.



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