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Hills Prescription Diet SD Adult Cat Food

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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Hills Prescription Diet SD Adult Cat Food is for the nutritional management of pets with urinary tract disease,

Urinary tract disease is often caused by the formation of mineral-based crystals and stones in the urinary tract that can cause discomfort, bloody urine and even life-threatening obstruction.

For cats, struvite crystals are often the cause of urinary tract disease.

Hills S/D diet has been formulated to help dissolve struvite crystals and stones alleviating the discomfort. Struvite forms as a result of urine that’s saturated with protein, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium combined with an improper urine pH.

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Patricia Daniel

My cat has suffered severe urinary tract syndrome problems since quite young, constant cystitis & tract blockages made his life unbearable and precarious at times. After a life saving operation when he was 4 years old we tried diet as a long -term additional treatment. We tried a few with limited success but it wasn't until he was 6 that we found this one. Since then he has never suffered a repeat attack. I thoroughly recommend it and importantly my cat really enjoys the taste!