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Hills Prescription Diet RD Adult Cat Food Tins (24 x 156g)

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food



Hills Prescription Diet RD Adult Cat Food Tins 24 x 156g are for the nutritional management of obese or overweight cats.

Being overweight can cause your cat discomfort, reduce energy levels and even shorten its life. Just as in people, weight gain is usually associated with excessive intake of calories and fat in combination with a lack of exercise.

Obesity can lead to such serious conditions as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and others.

Hills R/D diet was designed specifically for the management of weight problems in cats with an aim to reduce body mass.

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Michael Elliott

After the initial reluctance to it is now a success and it has slowed down the guzzlers with the first signs of weight loss

Anne Mills

This product really aids weight loss. Our cat enjoys the r/d biscuits but it's great to have a wet food alternative as most cats don't drink enough. He loves the taste and VetUK always offers competitive prices on what is never going to be a 'cheapy' cat food. This really helps when you have to feed your cat a special diet for health reasons.