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Hills Prescription Diet MD Adult Cat Food

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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5Kg Bag



Hills Prescription Diet MD Adult Cat Food.

Hills Feline MD works with the cat's unique metabolism to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass without causing excessive stools. Added fibre helps to increase satiety.

This diet has also been shown to help in the management of feline diabetes because of the low levels of carbohydrates and high levels of protein which help to minimise blood glucose fluctuations.

Hills Feline M/D can also be used as an alternative to Feline RD; being low in carbohydrate & high in protein with high levels of L-Carnitine.

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Mrs C Green

My diabetic cat loves this food! It helps him to maintain his ideal weight which will hopefully help control his diabetes along with the insulin.

Judith Smart

My cat was diagnosed with diabetes in the past 5 months. I was advised to give him Hills MD food. At meal times he can't wait for me to put it into his feeding bowl in fact he goes to his food cupboard asking for more.

Iris Coe

My cat is 17 and has been diabetic (on and off) for 4 years in total. He loves this food and has just plain white fish (coley) twice a day to supplement it and touch wood, he is absolutely fine no problems at all.

Hazel Godfrey

I have a 16 year old Norwegian Forest Cat who has been diabetic for 9 years and has been on m/d all this time. He occassionally has some chicken as a treat. No hypos, no ketosis just one very happy cat. Really recommend this product for anyone looking for a really well balanced diabetes diet.

Jane Jones-thomas

I have a diabetic cat and this has been recommended for her to eat. She isn't keen! Will reluctantly eat it only when starving! I know this is an issue with my cat and not the product. She prefers hills kitten food which is also recommended for diabetics.